Personal Websites

For as long as I've known how to make websites, I've wanted to have my own little corner on the internet.

It started with the realization of absolute freedom. The ability to make anything, put it online, and have it be available to anybody.

Along the way I learned more and more about the technologies that power the web, and while I didn't always know what to put out there, the fire kept burning. It paved the way for my future career.

Over the years platforms and technologies have come and gone, but personal websites still hold a special place in my heart. They mean that someone still cares.

This site is about who I am at any given time, not how I appear on some platform, or what others think of me. It's about owning things and being an inspiration.

This is my little corner on the internet and I'm very fond of it.

Published on 2019-11-03.

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